Tired question but I gotta ask about OB clinicals - page 3

So the summer session starts Tuesday of next week. Have made a B so far in both my previous semesters. I still work fulltime. Summer session will be rough and fast. OB/GYN/Peds. Aside from the... Read More

  1. by   ChadleyNC
    Just a follow up note to say I got through them fine and with flying colors. The nurses on the floor were all very cool and very helpful and actually let me do things which was a lot more than I'd been told was gonna happen at my particular location. There were of course some tense moments on my part as I wasn;t to comfy in all situations, but I swallowed my nerves and got over it.

    Just wanted to thank you all for your help, and advice in the situation. One more day to go this sunday in the nursery and one test then two finals and we're on to 4th semester.

    Thanks again,