Nursing school 4th semester drag.

  1. I have always been kind of an early spring slacker. Now in my 4th semester out of 5 for RN BSN program I am just burnt out on school. These seemingly pointless assignments, endless hoops to jump through and far distance clinical locations. Being a male doesn't help either.
    I feel that the attrition of nursing school is causing me so much stress. I just failed my clinical section this semester and now they are having a meeting about it. I am having a hard time sitting down and finishing assignments and I feel isolated, alone and confused. Its hard to know where to start. I just wanted to have my 4th semester slump and coast by with Cs. Now they are contemplating what to do. I am so nervous
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  3. by   eyesopen_mouthshut
    Have you considered speaking to a school psychiatrist about your problems/ worries? Many universities have these resources available at low to no-cost for their students, and as someone who as experienced your situation (I was so burnt out, I just stopped going to classes, and ended up failing with all F's one semester... has since been rectified), I can only give my opinion on the matter.
    One thing that helped me was going on some anti-anxiety medication. I started them the semester I failed out, and by the time I started back at university, I felt more able to deal with the "lack-luster" environment I felt I was being subjected to every day.
    Just hang in there. Ask for help, if you feel like you really want it. I have faith that someone who has gotten through all but one semester of a BSN program is a smart guy! You'll do great if you take advantage of resources available to you.
    Just remember the old mantra, "I can do anything for X amount of time!"