1. I do not know if it is a male thing or not, but I lean heavily towards the "Warrior Ethos", and I firmly believe this can be brought into nursing, or maybe this is why I am drawn to nursing. Nursing from what I perceive is a profession that stands for something, something important -people, individuals who are possibly at their most vulnerable. The more research I do on this healing profession called nursing the more inspired I am by the strength and compassion of these individuals.

    I am getting ready to enter nursing school if all goes well; and right now I am studying for an entrance test listening to Inspiring music and I feel like sharing the ideal and feeling I have - gained through experience and self reflection. Maybe some of you can relate.


    Bravest of the Brave-

    "Dare to Rise"

    The looming beast - fear and doubt. I relish this gift, that so challenges my soul. I am humbled to bravery, meticulous in all that I do, for I plan for Victory. Ever so slowly, ever prepared am I to jump into the oblivion - prepared to risk all once again.

    Death has touched me, and it has killed my weakness, my self - subjugation. Today and forever, I stand on principle alone, the eternal beauty of truth that can only be reached from within.

    Though I stumble, I rise again and again growing stronger each time my pavement scarred cheeks embrace the golden sun light.

    I smile at malice, I stand firm for the oppressed, I conquer when necessary because with in me.... is the Bravest of the Brave.

    Share your inspiration!
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  3. by   mofomeat
    I'm still a student and I have yet to cut my teeth on anything practical.

    However, throughout this entire journey I see myself ending up in a psych ward or a VA Hospital. I'm drawn to help those that can't help themselves, or those who gave too much. When it comes down to it, we're all just people, and maybe I feel I need to be the first one to treat the homeless schizophrenic man like a human being for a change. Listen to his rants and help him to feel safe, fed and healthy, even if for one night. To look that war vet in the eye and tell him how much I appreciate his sacrifice, and prove it by giving him or her top notch care along with making them the most comfortable I can.

    There is the warrior side to this, and there is the nurturing side to this, and I feel that I can channel both. But sometimes, I think that there are people who only wish someone would give a **** about them, just once.

    And I want to be that person.