Any guys from Missouri "kansas city"

  1. just wanted to see if there were any people on here from missouri because i wanted to know about umkc nursing program i might be going there next year to start my pre-nursing
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  3. by   DDD
    My first degree (El. Ed) was from UMKC. After being unemployed upon graduation, I've returned to JUNIOR COLLEGE for nursing...if that tells you anything. Just one man's opinion, but the school is extremely incompetent.
  4. by   nadjjaa
    Hey uh, I don't know where you live exactly or how far you're willing to drive, but Neosho County Community College in Ottawa, KS has an excellent program, and we love our guy students!!! If I'm not mistaken, NCCC has the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state and great clinical sites in the KC area (I'm at Olathe Med right it!)
  5. by   jimtem
    I've never heard anything bad about UMKC. I've lived in the area 31 years. JCCC is a junior college 20 minutes from UMKC in Overland park Kansas that is inexpensive, it has a beautiful campus, They have an extremely high pass rate for boards, they have a ton of resources, excellent instructors, they do their clinicals at the new and beautiful Menorah medical center at 119th and Nall. The staff there is awesome. I was a CNA there for 6 years. JCCC is ranked something like,,,,, top 10 in the Nation. After that you could transfer to KU, UMKC, etc to get your BSRN.
  6. by   Josh L.Ac.
    I'm starting the accelerated [2nd Bachelor's] BSN program at Research and I am already impressed with the program. I won't know for sure until I enter clinic, but so far it seems like a good program.

    Plus, if you sign a two-year contract to work for a HCA-midwest hospital upon completion of the program, the entire one-year program (and 15 hours of prereq's from Rockhurst) are paid for with a couple 1K left over for living expenses.

    I wish my acupuncture school had something remotely as cool as that.
  7. by   DDD
    Research, having a program run by the hospital, might be fine. I can only speak of UMKC and me and my families experiences there. Jimtem said he's never heard anything bad about this school...well now you have. The primary complaint, among many, is the utter incompetence of the advisors. They'll put you in classes that you find later on will not be counted towards what was stated by him/her to be. In other words, make them put it in writing...which I did (and it came in VERY handy numerous times).

    The professors were, as a whole, incompetent and rude. Many didn't speak english. UMKC charges for parking. Well, when they were building a new parking garage, they sold 6 times as many passess as spaces. So when you got to school, 45 minutes early for a class, and STILL couldn't find a parking space, day after day, you'd give up and park illegally. Of course, they would ticket you 20, then 40, then 80, etc. So, either the school is poorly managed or in the business of extortion. I ended up parking about half a mile away from the campus and would begin my daily hike across town and campus. Oh yeah, they wouldnt refund my parking pass.

    The reputation of the school in the metro is so bad, that school districts in Kansas refused to hire ANY teacher who graduated from there (my first career).

    These might sound like anecdotes. But they are examples of symptoms all related to the nucleus of the problem. This school sucks!