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Malaysian nurse working in New Zealand

Hi all,

I am totally new to this forum. I am a registered nurse from Malaysia. I am currently applying to work in New Zealand. However, I am facing a problem which I would like to seek advise from you all.

As part of the application requirements, applicant is required to submit the syllabus of the nursing program from the pre-registration nursing education provider. However, my nursing school insisted that they will not provide the syllabus to the New Zealand Nursing Council as this supposed to be a confidential document.

Is anyone here faced this similar problem as mine? Or can you please advise me if you have any suggestions?

Thank you so much in advance!!

I would appreciate very much if any Malaysian nurses who is currently working in New Zealand can share your experience with me here. Thank you.

Hello there, i am from Ghana and i found myself in the same boat; my nursing school won't provide me with a syllabus. I am very eager to know how you handled this situation and what the outcome was.

Hi, this post was 4 years ago..did u managed to make it to nz? Im looking forward to go there as well..im from malaysia..it will be very helpful if u help me thru thi..


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