Making the switch to PACU from med surg. Have ICU/trauma background prior to MS


Hello all, first-timer here. A little non SBAR primer:

Relocating to be with my person in Palm Springs, CA. Currently working in a critical access hospital in a rural area. Nightshift, med surg. Includes peds and tele.

Im honestly getting burnt on taking care of patients for 12 hrs at a time, as well as working nights....for 9 years. PACU sounds appealing to me, as the shorter encounter times, higher volumes, combined with the reignition of my critical care background could spark some life back into my career. I know a few who have made this change and are happy with it.

I have a background of 4.5 years ICU trauma experience prior to my med surg job, with a 9 month apprenticeship in the same unit during school, I got hired on after graduation. Left that job to make good money in CA.

But lets be honest, I want to get off of nights so badly, and I want to be closer to my person. I'm willing to take A bit of a hit in pay, well, it will be required, since I simply will not get the pay and benefits I get currently from anywhere else. I am aware of that.

We get treated really well, paid well, etc. Id otherwise be a fool to leave this facility after my 9 years here. The main caveat being nights, there is no hope in sight to get to days after trying for 9 years, I am still not next, and I feel that nights will be the death of me. I also yearn to sleep at night, not during the day.

This means leaving the “country club” behind to relocate to Palm Springs proper.

My questions:

-How much appeal does a nurse like me have to the PACU? I am a quick learner, A solid nurse if i do say so myself, and I think I can wake my critical care nurse back up no problem.

-being a med surg nurse currently, would it be overly ambitious to seek a PACU job as a new hire? I am still getting an idea of what wages are in the area, but my unique position has me wondering if they would be willing to pay me close to the 100k/ year that I make now

-Is anyone familiar with the wages in the Palm Springs area? Am I off my rocker hoping to get 90k to start?