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So I have this project to build a webpage discussing the gate-control theory of pain, and I am in need of finding a couple of things. Despite hours of searching on the internet, I'm coming up short.

First, I really need to find the full text article written by Ronald Melzack titled Pain mechanisms: a new theory published in Pain Forum. 5(1):3-11, 1996 Spring (was also published in Science 150:971-979, 1965). My school's library does not have it, and I can't even find it on a search of all my state's university libraries. If anyone is able to find the full text article and could email it to me, I would be SOOOOOOO grateful.

The 2nd thing I need to find, and I don't really need it so much as just want it, is a mpeg or avi (or whatever format) "movie" of pain transmission from the receptor to the brain. If anyone knows of a link to a site with that, again, I would be SOOOOOOO grateful.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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The movie is going to be pretty difficult to find I imagine. What I would suggest would be to capture your own movie from a video you can find.


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You're has been really difficult trying to find an mpeg or avi file of that. I hadn't really thought of capturing it from a video. What a great idea! I totally know how to do that too, so now I'm all excited!




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Lou ... I'd love to see your finished product! That sounds like a great topic.

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