Making Neuro Irresistible to Child on Career Day

Specialties Neurological


Specializes in Stroke/Neuro/Cardiac PCU.

Hi! I am a neuroscience RN and will giving my 10 year old child a tour of my unit for career day. I plan to provide a quick lesson on the NIH stroke scale, seizures, and physical assessment. I love working in neuro and would like my child to find my work interesting as well. Neuro is such a fascinating field and I would like for my child to get as much out of our day as possible (and possibly consider as a career option someday). Some of the YouTube videos I have watched are very dry and I definitely don't want him to be bored. He is very bright and I want this to be a great experience. I am looking for suggestions on how to make our day fun and interesting. I would also like recommendations on videos or educational resources we can review together. Thank you 😊 

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