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Making a huge and crazy leap


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Sooo......willing going from the OR to the ED! Have been in the OR the pst five years, two of which were travel. Have been a nurse for almost 11, only the first year was med/surg. Gonna be a crazy training period for me!

I consider myself to be pretty intelligent. I’ve done psych, traveled in corrections, I’ve done sick call and worked a little bit in a big prisons “urgent care clinic” while working in their OR, so I’m cool with focused and concise assessments. Any other tips or hints?

I’ve heard from some people it’s standing orders, standing orders, standing orders, which is a lot of correctional work. I’m definitely realistic and realize this will be a huge adjustment. Thanks for anything you can add and I apologize if this is a topic beaten to death

aolmoz, MSN, NP

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Good luck ! What’s your question?
If you are coming to the ED during this pandemic, I will forewarn you it is a different landscape than “business as usual”. Our practice has changed a lot in that we are trying to minimize exposure to the staff and we are trying to not bog down the ER or inpatient units. People are seen quickly and only urgent needs are dealt with, the rest will need to try to get a telehealth appointment with their primary or specialist.