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Making a decision for preceptorship

jprxs jprxs (Member)

Hi everyone,

I am required to choose my top 3 choices for my preceptorship this coming October 2014. So far, I have been in long term care and in a gyne/colorectal surgical unit. This September, I am going to vascular surgical unit and to be honest, I don't know what to expect from the unit.

I know that I do not want to do long term care as it would not prepare me for the national exam. However, I liked my 14-week clinical experience in the gyne/colorectal surg unit. I like the fast turnover of patients (usually around 2-7 days). I was able to do skills that I have learned from our foundations course. Also, I personally enjoy learning about GI diagnoses and its anatomy and physiology. I would not mind getting a preceptorship there.

So, I can't choose as to where to go for my preceptorship. I have been searching up about PACU and NICU. I thought of PACU because I love giving my patients the comfort they need after surgery, which is very similar to what I did in my gyne/GI clinical.

To give y'all more of a background, I just finished my maternity and pediatric courses

  • I got B- for both courses which I feel like is not sufficient, if I were to go to NICU.
  • I really liked the L&D component of maternity. However, I realized that there is loads of new information that I have to learn about maternity.
  • I would like to do neonate care but I am scared of the fact that I won't have any peds experience going into my preceptorship ( If I do get NICU)

As you can see, I am just very confused and indecisive.

I would love to hear from LPN/RN's who work/have worked in NICU or PACU!

Any suggestions about other units would be great too.

Thank you