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Why is it so hard to change from area to another? It seems institutions love a med-surg nurse, especially with certification. Why won't other areas recongize that just because one hasn't worked in home health, public health, hospice, or any other "speciality" that nursing is nursing and learning the new areas of "business" isn't that difficult. NURSING is NURSING to love to work with people and care for them in all areas shouldn't require taking a great many more courses or being told you have great experience but... we need someone who has done this before don't they realize they are refusing for the nurse to grow and give to a whole new type of patients. Why is it so hard to "fit into a new world" of nursing? We all had to learn to move on with changes at our postions whether it was new paper work, computers, procedures and did it. Why do people assume a person can't learn the paper work, routines and all of their world, they had to start they were't always a home health or public health nurse. I did meet a nurse who was having trouble moving from dialysis to bedside nursing, they told her to take a "refresher course" why does nursing do this to each other? Do other pofessions? If a lawyer wants to change from one area of practice to another his/her peers don't make them take a refresher course, they just review what they had in their education and make a change, they may have to work harder to "win that first new type of case" but that what makes them happy because they are doing what they went to school for in the first place. Maybe nursing specialites have made it harder for a nurse to be a true professional, with specialities we must "forget" all other forms of nursing - or so it seems - since it's so hard to make a change. Anyone have an insight on this?

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