Main Line Health OR Fellowship Fall 2021

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Have any new grads who applied to Main Line Health’s Nurse Residency/Perioperative Fellowship Program between January 25th - February 4th heard back about an interview yet? They said that they’d get back to us by the end of this past week if we were selected for an interview, but it’s Monday, 3/1 and I haven’t received anything about an interview or rejection...If anyone who has actually heard back or in the same boat as me could respond, I would greatly appreciate it because my stress levels have been through the roof being in the dark about this process 😅 Thanks!


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I'm waiting too, I haven't heard anything yet...

lxvele, BSN, RN

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UPDATE: I received an email saying that I was selected to move forward in the interview process on 3/3, had my shadow day on 3/12, and my interview is scheduled for 4/6!