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This is my first time posting so please forgive me if I am not posting in the right area. I am 44 and thinking about going to into nursing. I want to go to Macon State to get an Associate degree but I am afraid I won't get in. All the information on the schools website states that its highly competitive. I really don't want to take all the core classes then not get into the nursing program. If I was younger no problem but I am not. Can anyone tell me about the nursing program at Macon State. If I get good grades will I get in or at my age should I just do something else.

Hi Peggy. I wrote you a long response the other day and then the computer (probably me) crashed and I lost it. So let me take a shot here without writing to long.

My advice is on the subject of asking someone else if you have a chance of getting in is that is the wrong approach. I am 52 and the only regrets I have are the ones where I listened to someone else and let them shape my decisions to move forward. You need to make that decision with facts you gather yourself.

First, go over to Macon State and sit down with any of the leadership folks and ask them point blank on what are your chances of getting in. Be persistent until you get the answers you want. Then make backup plans if there is a problem. You may have to travel to another school somewhere. If you really want to do this you have to explore all the options and make some tough decisions. I had to accept a position at a hospital that did not meet the criteria I had set for my next employer. It is a nice hospital but does not have the size or the name recognition that I thought I needed for my career goals. Due to my age, I am looking for an accelerated path. But the hospital is close, it belongs to a bigger chain and the people are very nice. I look forward to it.

You will find a way if you really want it. And you will be rewarded by the journey.

Good luck!

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