Macomb CC CNA course graduates


Did anyone take Macomb Community Colleges CNA program?

Did you enjoy it? how was your experience?

Did you feel you learned enough in the 6 weeks for your Exam?

Did you pass your Exam?

Was your Clinical good? where was it?

Were you able to find a job afterwards?

Thanks for any info!


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I didnt take it at macomb because I found another program that was half the cost but I have a lot of friends who took it and really liked it. The course is basically common sense and learning how to do skills like transferring, changing briefs, doing peri-care etc. The certification exam is easy too. Just get the skills down pat and you should be good to go. I took my cna class as a senior in high school while taking 4 AP classes, being on the varsity basketball team, and working a job. Needless to say I barely cracked open my cna textbooks and passed the certification exam with flying colors on my first try. Macomb is accredited and so far ive heard nothing but good things about the program. & don't worry about not being able to find a job, there's always going to be a demand for someone to wipe people's butts. Good for you for choosing to be a CNA, it was the best choice that I ever made and I love what I do. Good luck to you!


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What was your program if you don't mind me asking


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I took it at Aress Academy in Southfield. Theyre also accredited and provide you with clinicals and a free BLS course, which is great because many facilities require you to have that certification also. They're pretty great, they really do prepare you for the exam. It worked for me and to add on to your question about finding a job, it doesnt matter where you receive your pre-certification training. You can go to any program that you want as long as its accredited. In the end employers only check to see if you're certified, they dont know where you went so dont limit yourself to CCs, because they tend to have high prices. I received call backs from all of the jobs that I applied to, even though I had no previous experience, after I received my certification.