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M/S vs. Office job?


Hi all. Just a question for anyone who has done both M/S and physician's office work as an RN..

I have less than one year M/S experience, and just as a "test" last week I put in an app for an office position. (It is clear on my resume my amount of experience, btw.) Anyway, well, I got a call back. I was shocked, because usually for an office position they want like 20 years of experience (;) j/k), but this one said 1-2 so I just gave it a go.

So now I'm nervous. LMBO! Not sure why- it's not like I have to take a job if I'm even offered one, but I would love to hear the differences/similarities in the two areas. Also, I know that the pay rate is not the same between hospitals and offices, but I'm guessing it depends on your experience level and also the particular practice.

But what about just day-to-day duties.. a "day in the life" of sorts, I guess. Just wondering if anyone could give any insight to this. Thanks!


Has 11 years experience.

What type of clinic is it, a family practice?

Asthma/allergy. I did end up to HR in detail and was asked to come for an interview, but the pay was nowhere near enough. It sure sounded like a great job, though!!