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First of all, here's a little bit about my background. I have a BS degree in Psychology and always wanted to become a nurse. I am accepted to the ADN program at LWTC for this upcoming fall term and feel a little hesitate to attend there because its nursing program isn't accredited by NLNAC, although on the school website it says the program is recognized by state and students are eligible to take NCLEX-RN test upon graduation. (I guess that would means I can work within WA state but not anywhere else) I also applied to ADN at Seattle Central and hasn't hear back from them yet. I'm wondering if I should choose SCC (if I got accepted) since it's a nationally accredited program. My biggest concern is that I'm only getting negative feedback from the students who completed ADN at SCC. Although I haven't heard much about LWTC, but I somehow feel their instructors would be more helpful. Any suggestions from ppl who attended either of schools? and how do employers around Seattle area rate new graduate from two schools?

Also, I'm thinking about to apply to RN-BSN program at UW-Bothell or Tacoma after I complete my ADN, I'm wondering if anyone here knows what's their acceptance rate for RN-BSN program, is it incredibly hard to get in as BSN @ UW-Seattle? What do the admission committee look for at UW-Bothell/Tacoma?

Thanks a lot in advance for anyone who tries to help.


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