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I'm currently going to school for LVN. I finish March 2019... I wanted to get some ideas on where to continue my education. I'm committing 2 years to becoming an LVN and I was hoping someone knew of a LVN to RN bridge school here in California that doesn't also need 2 yrs to complete, or maybe an online - work at your own pace school... being that I plan on working full time/ overtime once I graduate. Any suggestions.

Try West Coast University if you want to do LVN to BSN

I did some research on that school but it will also be around 2 yrs and I was told you cannot have a job when attending this school because of the theory and clinical hours required. I was hoping there was an online school that allows you to go at your own pace. Anyone know of any?


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I don't know where you live but Chaffey College and San Bernardino Valley and I want to say Riverside Community all have LVN to RN bridge programs and I want to say it's only a year. I'm going to actually be working while going to school for both LVN school and RN school. I have no choice. I have a friend at work who's a LVN and went to school and worked FT while in RN school. She was/is a case manager; so she was in school during the day and did/does auth's at night. Maybe you should look into a job like that? She graduates next week. Its doable but it's a B**** from what I hear. Good Luck!