LVN-RN rio hondo or Generic Program at sac


I just wanted to get some input on my chances of getting into the LVN-RN program at Rio Hondo. I have 2 A's and 1 B in my prerequisite courses, a 3.6 overall GPA, 2 years work experience, and I included a personal life experience / personal statement along with my application. I already passed the TEAS test if that makes a difference. Also, if I don't get in should I work until I get accepted into an LVN-RN program or should I just start at a generic program? The generic program would be 4 semesters long. I think I have a better chance of getting into the generic program.


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When you say generic do you mean generic RN program? I say go for the LVN-RN program. It's possible! Your grades and experience make you a good candidate. As for Rio Hondo, I believe they take into consideration other aspects aside from grades such as financial status. They are a few schools who do a point system, I believe. I'm not a LVN, but I know know many who successfully transitioned into a LVN-RN program while working.


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Yes, I meant generic RN program. They are already considering me as a candidate for the program so I am happy about that! The cool thing is that the community college offers a BSN program as well but I have to graduate from their very own associates in nursing program. It would approximately take 2 years to go through the associates program and then an extra 3 semesters ( a year and a half) to get my BSN. The BSN program is approximately 20k. Does this seem worth it or should I just do the 1 year LVN-RN program at rio hondo?