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I am a 50 yr old LVN trying to get my RN. I have tried the traditional classes and find myself dropping because I dont fit well with the young students in my cc. I started Moore 6 yrs ago and had taken and passed the first 2 nursing classes but due to some life problems I stopped. Now I am trying to get back into studying and it is very hard for me. I have selected life span psychology to begin with. I have to have all my prereqs except for Biology. I think if I can get my prereqs done Ill have a better chance because the nursing tests are easier for me for some reason. I have to take the two nursing tests over since its been so long now. Is there anyone out there in the Mckinney, Tx area that is having the same problems I am? If so, would you like to start a support/ study group. I know I could use some help. Brenda


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Im not from Texas but Im around your age and an LPN in Idaho and am going to take the life span class after the Microbiology class then start the Nursing classes. Maybe we can email back and forth. Im just starting the EC route and don't know much about distant learning but by reading previous posting I am finding much needed and appreciated info from other before me. Let me know my email is [email protected]

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