lvn refresher course in northern californai!!! help!


I've been a licensed LVN for about 2 years. I took the NCLEX about 6 months after graduating school, and passed the first time...right before I got my test results that I had passed, I found out I was pregnant (obviously not planned). Although my husband and I were extatic, I ended up having a difficult pregnancy and was unable to work. Cut ahead to 2 years later and my son is now 7 months old, and I feel ready to put him in daycare and start working. The problem i'm having is that I feel like i've lost how to do most of my clinical skills. I'm going to be moving up to the Sacramento area in about 2 months and i'm having a REALLY hard time trying to find a review class in the Sacramento area, so I can brush up on my skills. I've been to the nusing board website and that really wasnt a big help. If anyone has any ideas where to look, or if they know of a review class (with review clinical included), I would very much appreciate it!!!! thanks!

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