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LVN Programs.. East Bay Area

dagiimaa dagiimaa (New) New

Hello everybody! I am a young student looking a for a good - reasonably priced LVN program. Once finished with LVN I am trying to get into the LVN-RN brigde program. I am located in the east bay and I am looking for schools/programs that either offer both courses or either one is fine. And also what is ROP LVN? I heard it is a lot more cheaper..? Is it still reliable? Will I still get the same credentials to get into the bridge program?

I also heard a lot of great thing about Gurnick Academy.. anybody attending the LVN program there? espcially at the Concord location?

SORRY.... for all the questions but it would be really appreciated if someone gives me answers because searching on my own is not helping he he he :sarcastic: