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LVN private school To Rn community college?

N_mendy07 N_mendy07 (New) New

Hello everyone!:)

this is my first time to submit my topic so i apologize if it is in the wrong category for my topic. Anyway i am planning on taking an LVN program called NCP in hayward this September. Then in the near Future Transfer to an RN program which would be easier i think once i have a license. I know theres this waiting list for getting into the Rn, but i figured by being an LVN First it would be my golden ticket to the RN program. Im planning to attend chabot for the RN hopefully i know there are prereqs to take before Getting into the Rn program.

my question is Would getting my license make it easier for me to get into any community college where there is an Rn program .???

thanks Nurses, future nurses need advice :);)


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