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Lutheran School of Nursing LPN-RN bridge what to expect on the admission tests?

minbabic minbabic (New) New

Hello everyone! I am new to this website, and am excited to be a part of it!

So, I graduated with my LPN 04/2014 and since then I have been doing my pre-reqs and I am wanting to go to Lutheran school of nursing for the LPN-RN bridge (in Saint Louis, MO) so I was wondering if anyone that has been through the admission process can answer my questions!!

1. What do I expect on the admissions test? Can you use calculators?

2. What is the LPN Proficiency test like? What's on it, how long? Is it hard/like the NCLEX?

3. Was the admission to the school selective? and how long did it take you to know if you were in?

Thank you SO much in advance!!!:yes: