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Lurie Children's Hospital Chicago Student Nurse Assistant 2017

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Hey guys! I just wanted to start a thread about the Lurie Children's student nurse assistant positions opened for the summer of 2017! I thought we could all keep each other updated on whether or not interviews are being sent out, phone calls are being made, which positions are being filled, etc, etc! I know the positions are closed now online, but I personally haven't received any phone calls/emails about the group interview on May 10th!

Hi! I also applied for the positions at Lurie's! I'm glad there is a thread because I'm getting so anxious waiting for a call/email. I applied on April 7th and still haven't heard anything.

I'm glad there's someone else in the same boat as me! Lol.

I also haven't heard anything I applied April 7th as well!

Did anyone hear anything yet?

Nope, still waiting too. Are your applications still on the profile? Mine are, but it doesn't say anything under status. I've tried to look up the past application cycles and how long they had to wait to hear anything and it seems to be like the same kind of late-notice situation. Hopefully, they will let us know either way.

My application status is blank too so I feel like they will call or email

I received an email this afternoon to interview on May 10th! Good luck everyone!

Has anyone heard back yet? I know the website says they can notify us up to a week before the orientation in June, but when I interviewed with the PICU, they said they'd have a decision by today most likely!

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I heard back today! HR called me to offer me the PICU position. :)

I also heard back today! Congratulations!