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I have a newly diagnosed lupus patient. I am looking for information for her in the form of Books and web sites. I have found a few good web sites but no books. Any great suggestions? Thank you.

You might refer your patient to the Lupus

Foundation nearest you. They have a great

source of information and list of support



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You might find some information on good books via the lupus listserv group at the following site: #sub

Good luck!


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Very good Lupus site. /

Has a lupus section as well. /


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I have a sister who has lupus, along with other connective tissue disease. She has learned alot through reading and info that I have found on the web, concerning information of the disease. I believe that some information can be found through the Mayo Clinic otherwise the lupus foundation online as well. Can't remember all the sites that I went to to get information on new treatments and findings.Hope this helps somewhat.

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