LTG for Excess Fluid Volume?

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I am trying to come up with a specific, measureable, and realistic LTG for my pt. who has the following Nursing Diagnosis: Excess Fluid Volume? She has 13 different med. dx. including CHF, Vascular Insufficiency, DM type II, Chronic renal insuffienciency....etc. These are the things that are hanging me up on this lady. I am having a hard time finding a realistic LTG.

Any ideas would be well appreciated.





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In one book that I have, "Nursing diagniosis and intervention" by McFarland & McFarlane, it says "It is difficult to estimate an exact time for achieving expected outcomes for pts with FVE. The length of time necessary depends on the age, general health, underlying cause, and severity"

What about to educate the patient or significant other? The LTG can be for them to "demonstrate behaviors to monitor fluid status and reduce the recurrence of fluid excess". (Nurse's Pocket Guide, Doenges & Moorhouse) You can make the behaviors specific to the patient.

I don't know if that is what you're looking for, maybe others will have some ideas. Good luck!

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