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any nurses that have become surveyors. am interested how you view ltc facility's now that you are on the other side of the fence. as one great response i just recieved from a surveyor, which i smiled when i read it, she no longer takes ulcer, antidepressant and antianxiety medications. would value your input. thanks tex :D


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How do you become a surveyor anyway?

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OK... I'm that person. I think at times I am a little sympathetic with what the LTC facilities have to go through. I remember what is was like for me and try to put a human touch into the process. I smile and tell them it's ok to make mistakes. I thank them for letting me observe even though i don't have to. I also tell them to think of me as the person who is there to find out what they are doing wrong so they can fix it. I find the person relaxes a little bit and is able to see what I am trying to do with more understanding. My state is trying really hard to change the image we had as the BIG BAD WOLF. After all... we have one common goal in sight... the resident. The biggest resistance I have come across is from the good old boy thinking of some of the older administrators who have been around before the survey process was resident outcome oriented. We just remind them that by agreeing to accept medicare and medicaid funding, they agreed to the survey process. If they don't want the survey process then maybe they need to pull out of receiving medicare medicaid funding.

Each state has there own requirements to become a surveyor. My state uses RN's, LBSW, RD, & Rph. Of course experience in LTC is a plus but not a requirement. For nurses, a Diploma RN works just as well as the MSN. Even start out at the same pay rate. It's best if you check the website of your local state surveying agency.

Some states have other requirements.

There is some mandatory training that CMS provides. You pay upfront and your state re-imburses.

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