Applied for ADON and DON is a new nurse - page 2

Recently, I applied for the position of ADON at a nursing home. I have been to three interviews--one with the DON, one with the administrator and one with the corporate nurse. I have about 25 years... Read More

  1. by   BoomerRN
    I am at the stage of my life where I can pick and choose what I want to do. I do not have to work for a living, but I am looking for a position such as ADON. I have been a DON a few times, as well as a ADON, and I prefer being able to work directly with staff and residents. I've always been a 'hands on person' and this position lets me have a lot of input on resident care.
    Here's an update on the facility that I interviewed for the ADON: They still do not have an ADON and are still advertising for one. I wonder if it's because when people find out that the DON is a new nurse, they become disinterested? You think?
  2. by   expltcrn
    Perhaps. Were you able to spend enough time to gauge the DON's interest in keeping her position and her desire to learn? I only ask that because I was one of those too, trained to be a DON right out of nursing school when I could not even be legally qualified by state regulations to do so. However, the RN Administrator and Owner (also with DON experience) trained me well from the get go in all the facets of running a skilled nursing facility, as well as the process of taking over facility ownership. But I was given a different title until I got more experience, and worked the floor too of course! If you feel that the rest of the team can function well (i.e. Social Services and Dietary, MDS) and you can actually be (if she lets you) mentor the DON, would you reconsider applying? How is the performance of the facility itself by reputation, and by regulatory findings?