lsue Lpn to Adn


I graduated high school in 08 with a 3.8 gpa. I went to northwestern for the rn program and did very well until the end of the second semester. I had some family problems that caused me to have to drop all of my classes. I ended up with a gpa of 1.6. Sice then ive gone to a technical school and got my lpn. Now im about to apply for lsue for the lpn to rn advanced track program. :confused:If i get straight a's in all my remaining pre reqs, which.i.know i can do, i will have an overall gpa of 2.5. My.gpa for just my pre reqs will be 3.2. Ive heard it is pretty competitive to get into clinicals, but an lpn, will that give me a better standing? Since.obviously i wont be getting in on my gpa alone. Does anyone know how the process works?