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Hi guys! I'm new to this so I wanted to ask you guys aquestion. Okay so im applying for Spring 2010, and I'm worried that my chances are low to getting in. Does anyone know what exactly they look for? I know a high GPA and high score on the NET but would a young age be a disadvantage at getting in? I know alot of older people who have gotten in but noone my age.


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Age does not have anything to do with getting in. They look mainly at your GPA for the prereqs, your score for your entrance test, and your application essay. Having experience may also be a plus, although most people in my class did not. There were quite a few people in my class who got in at 19/20 and graduated at 22/23.


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First thank you for replying! :) oo ok. well i have a 3.5 and I'm studying for the NET..hoping to do like a 90 or higher..and Ive worked at a Doctor's office since I was 17 assisting the Doctor and i'm bilingual. I'm 19 now but like you said that won't affect me so that's a relief. And what essay are you talking about? The one asking about the goal statement?


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I would not be concerned about age. I attended LSU SON in the CARE program and had classes with the BSN students and many of them were very young when we started. When I interviewed they asked me what made me want to be a nurse and what would make me a good nurse! Be prepared for a dumb question like that. All I can say is be honest and be yourself. If your GPA is good and your test score is good (I didn't have to take that so sorry I don't know what is good) you'll have a great chance at getting in! GOOD LUCK!!!


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ooo ok! well thank you so much for responding!! :) and thank you!!!


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Does anyone know what the average NET score is that LSU looks for? And about how long did it take to find out if you're accepted or not?

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