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For the last couple weeks, I have been working for a pharmacy company that services many long-term care facilities in various states. I just want to say how rude I find certain receptionists, secretaries, nurses and MAs at these facilities and doctors' offices. It really ticks me off--I could really do without all the nasty ****** attitudes. Since RESIGNING, I have been delegated the lovely task of making follow-up calls for emergency verbal Rxs that were called in to our pharmacists, but for which we never received faxed RXs with signatures. Some of these are outstanding, dating back 4 months in some cases. The doctors are upset (understandably) when I call them and tell them about this, then I'm the idiot because I didn't call them back when this should have been addressed (before I was ever hired). What a mistake it was to take a job with this employer. Which brings me to a question I would like to ask my fellow nurses:

What is the best way to go about listing an employer like this on your employment history? I will definitely NOT be putting them on my resume, but when someone asks you why you quit a job, what is a good response? I am giving the reason that I am employed with a home health agency PRN and I need to make myself more available to take on cases with them, which is true to an extent. This employer made it seem as though the company would work with me on scheduling me so that I had time to work at my other job, but after I was hired they immediately wanted to start moving my hours and days around.

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