Lpn working in jail


Is there any lpns that work in a jail..... I’m a new nurse that works in a jail and having lots of issues with the more seasoned nurses..... just looking for someone to talk to 

Zyaco, LPN

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Has 6 years experience.

I recently worked at my local jail. I found that dealing with the other nurses was more problematic rather then the actually inmates and deputies. Our DON and ADON were so inconstant when it came to treating the nurses equally. I was amazed what our seasoned nurses were getting away with and some of the newer nurses were made very uncomfortable and criticized. After my first few months, I was fairly comfortable in my role for the most part and knew my way around. I developed a good repo with my deps and even some of the inmates. Unfortunately for me, personally dealing with some of the seasoned nurses became very toxic and I left after 6 months.