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LPN wonders about agency work

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I am an LPN in OKC and have not worked much in "nursing" since my first job as an LPN was mostly admin stuff. I stopped working a few months ago after kid #3 bc of child care costs. My husband's work has taken a sudden dive so I am applying to do agency work. I was new to OK as an LPN and have had very little exposure to nursing in this state. Is agency work pretty good? What should I expect to make? Can anyone recommend anything else I could do besides agency to help pay the bills while my hubby's work is slow. It has to be a daily thing bc we only have a days notice when my husband will have a job and then we usually dont know if the job he's called to do is going to be one day or more. Thank you!:D

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I think the first thing I would check with the agency, to see if they have some type of orientation and skill check off. What type of hospital or LTC experience do you have? I realize that you need a job quickly, but, you may need to consider some type of a refresher course to brush up on your skills. Most agencies will require at least 6 months of experience, of which, has to be within a current year. Are you only wanting to work ft, pt or PRN?

PM me if you have any questions...


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