LPN vs. RN, what is the "right" thing to do???

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I guess I am very confused on what to do. I'm 22, live in MA, and I've been working as a medical assistant for 1 year. I have tried to get into an RN program in the past, however, although I did get into the schools themselves, I was not accepted into the RN program due to all the applicants that they receive. So what I was thinking of doing is going to an LPN program. Because of my financial situation (lots of bills and I have to pay for school myself) I cannot afford to not work full time for more than a year. At least if I go to LPN school, I'd be a nurse in a year and be able to find a job. Maybe even go on to get my BSN. My only thing is, I'd love to do my RN now, but I do not have the money. I was also reading some posts on becoming an army nurse and they pay your tuition to become an RN. I am just not sure if I want to enter the Army. I want to be a nurse so bad and just feel very unlucky in this situation. What would any of you recommend? Do you work as an RN or LPN and how has your experiences been?

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Many places will pay for training once you are in. I went to LPN school and am doing my RN online with the LTC facility footing the bill. Took out loans for the LPN which was about 10,000. It's worth a try and one of many routes, good luck

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