lpn vs ma in a clinical setting


I am currently a CNA at an internal medicine clinic in a small town and a mother of a 2 yr old. I am trying to further my education but am at a cross roads between going into Medical Assisting or a nursing diploma and becoming an LPN. Any advice on what path to take and why?

Hello. I am a new graduate of practical nursing and also previously completed the course for medical assisting. In my opinion don't waste your time going to school for medical assistant. I have also taught medical assistant at an Allied Health college and its extremely hard and heartbreaking for students when they cant find a job. There is a lot of competition for medical assistant especially with all these schools popping up everywhere. So in short go for Practical Nurse. I guarantee you once you do a little more research on job outlook you will see its a no brainer to become a nurse. Hope this helps!! Let me know if you have more questions.


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I am a Medical Assistant starting my LPN next week. I have been an MA for 12 years while my kids where growing up. I wish I had someone to tell me LPN was a year full-time when I was 19. I am 31 and going back now ;/ I could have had 12 years as an LPN. It will be a lot of work and stress but worth it. If you think of your child's future you will be in a much better financial situation when you graduate from LPN then MA. :)