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LPN TO RN BRIDGE (North Jersey Area)

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Hi Everyone! 

Im new here so I’ll give a little background,

I’ve been an LPN for about 2 years now working mainly in assisted living facilities & doctors offices. I'm ready to go back to school for my RN but I’m not sure what school would be best. I don’t have any prerequisites done & I’m not quite sure if that would be an issue or not. I have an interview this Thursday at Jersey college (teterboro) but after reading the reviews I’m kind of unsure 😐 

Does anyone have experience with Holy Name Hospital lpn to Rn program? Would I need to complete some prerequisites before applying there? 

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Hey, I'm actually in the LPN program at Jersey College Teterboro campus. Its a good school. I know the reviews online aren't great. There are some downfalls to the school because its not like your typical "college." But the teachers I have come across so far and even our chairperson are great. They are really there for you. 

I've heard about the LPN-RN program at Jersey College from students. Some say its very hard. But I've also heard its easy. I heard that this semester of my LPN program was going to be hard and my final was going to be difficult. But it was actually easy. It depends on the person and how much effort you want to put in. Teterboro has the highest scores out of all of the other campuses. And the professors are really there for you. They want to see you succeed and they love seeing a student asking questions, pulling all kinds of resources to learn. 

I say come for a tour to our campus and ask to talk to some of the LPN to RN students or even us LPN's. I think that's the best way for you to get an actual feel for it. The program is expensive though. But if you have financial aid, you will be golden. They do not offer scholarships, but they will take any scholarships you apply for outside. Financial aid really works with you for payment plans. 

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