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hey all! my name's theresa and i'm taking my pre-entrance exam for lpn school tommorow. i know they're not all the same, but can i get some general ideas on what to expect? i know it's just on general math, reading, science and judgment. but that's all they'll tell me. just a little nervous. oh yeah, i'm a newbie. :rolleyes:


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it's just like what you are assuming. The math is pre-algebra. Fractions(adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing), decimal placement, addition, subtraction, etc. The reading is extremely easy. We didn't have any science. We only had a personality type survey to fill out, in which I told them absolutely nothing about my personal life. If you have that...I would answer the questions as though we live in a perfect world w/no stress or anything of the like. It's really easy, I wouldn't stress too much. They just wanna know if you are post high school in your reading and at least high school level in your math. Good luck! BTW, welcome to allnurses!

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