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Hi. I am currently applying to a LPN program that begins in May. I register for my compass test Wednesday. I have to get a 50 on math and a 80 on reading and I'm not sure how to study for this test. I went to a university for 2 1/2 years but decided I would rather do the LPN program instead. I'm not only nervous about the test I am also nervous about getting in to the program because it is in high demand in my area and I am afraid I have waited too long to start applying. I also don't really know what to expect if I do get excepted into the program.



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My understanding compass testing is just the entrance exam for the school regardless of your degree the HESI test is what you would use for gaining entrance to the nursing program. The Compass testing is to see what you know every school has to give that test to see if you would need any remedial classes etc you don't need to study for it. The HESI test oin the other hand you will need to study for it and that is where you need to pass the math biology, etc with certain scores to actually be accepted to the nursing program. My suggestion is to take the Compass test and see what classes if any that you need to take before hitting the nursing courses and once you complete those take the nursing courses.