LPN to RN transition student "Help"


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HI everyone.. I have just recently been accepted into the LPN to RN transition at Midlands Tech of Columbia, SC and I could use some peer advice. I'm so grateful to God for such a wonderful opportunity to finely achieve my long awaited dream of completing my RN, but It's only been2 weeks and I already feel so overwhelmed and stressed. I have to work to help support my family and I have a beautiful 10 year old son and a husband of 21 years but my husband is gone throughout the week, with his job and between work, studying and taking care of my son, I just feel like I could cry. I want this with all my heart and I feel that this is my last chance to finish this goal in my life and I'm scared of not only letting myself down but my family too

I was hoping if any of you can relate to my situation and could give me some advice on how to get organized and if you could share of any techniques that would help me to get a grasp on how to retain and remember all of the different assignments and overloaded information for test preparations. The LPN to RN is a fast pace and after just a few weeks, I've come to realizes if you don't remember lessons from A&P, D&C from you pass LPN school, then your on your own and you have to do what I call a quick study and review, but my gosh; it's so much to remember and in such a small amount of time. We are currently reviewing ABGs and Nursing Concepts in Transition Nur-201 and in Nur162, PSY/Metal Health we are required to receive 90% or above in each of the Medications test. Would any of you know of a good web resource or book that would help me to receive a clear and up-to-date Dosage and Calculation review, especially in what kind of drug questions are in the field of Psychiatric and Pediatric medications and could really use an easy to understand and most importantly remember, the different types of drip factor calculation. I graduated in 2003 and I can honestly say I did very well in D&C but now I feel like I'm trying to cram and retain so much in such a small amount of time and I really be so grateful for any guidance or support from time all fellow peers and nurse leaders.

Please pray for me and I'll pray for you, I know God knows with we need and I'm positive he knows you.. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Carmen :) . Words I read in times like this: IF IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOU WILL FIND A WAY. IF NOT, YOU'LL FIND AN EXCUSE. Honestly, I'm tired of excuses, I'm ready for answers to those excuses and if you have any additional answers, please don't hesitate to send replies.. Sent with sincere gratitude and appreciation to all hard working nurses and fellow, stress out nursing students. CD..