LPN-RN: Sinclair vs. Miami

U.S.A. Ohio


  • by mjm1979
    Specializes in Geriatrics.

I'm checking out schools in the hopes that in a year or so I will start my pre-reqs. At either school I choose I will take my pre-reqs first, probably a class a quarter/semester. I'm disappointed that it'll take me about 2 years to complete the program (no summer school) at Sinclair (once pre-reqs are finished) as opposed to 1 year (summer school) at Miami. Miami is very expensive but I will only need to take about 48 total credit hours compared to Sinclair's 82!! So it will actually cost me about $3,000 less and much less time-wise as well. I will only have to take 5 pre/co-reqs at Miami compared to 7 or 8 at Sinclair. And the program itself is a year shorter. My main concern is, since Miami's program is only a year long... is it a very difficult accelerated program? I know people in Sinclair's program and it is a tough program with a 50% attrition rate... I can't imagine doing anything more difficult, esp. since I will need to work part-time as well. Does anyone have insight on these programs they could share? Thanks!!

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