LPN to RN or RN programs for 3-11 nurses

U.S.A. Massachusetts


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I am an LPN. I eventually want to go back to RN school over time.

Unlike RNs (who have Diplomas or AS) LPNs really can't go "part-time" like "RN Only" BSN students do.

Depending on the program as an LPN your in (if its an LPN-RN program) you skip Nursing 101 then its all the same stuff again (of course an empathize on care plans and more A&P).

My question is this:

Most of these LPN-RN programs have unrealistic schedules to the point where I might as well just quit my job and go back to school during the day. Something that I do not feel financially safe to do.

I don't work 7 to 3 and even if I did.. Class starts at 3 PM. I work 3 to 11.

Salem State does have an "LPN to RN" Program. However, its flexible schedule only really covers General Education classes and then you go full time during the DAY.

I have looked and looked. Outside of Excelsior. There are no true RN programs for the working person or LPN.

The big question is are there any day time or weekend RN programs in MA or RI that usually end before 3PM on a routine basis? Including Clinicals (not withstanding emergencies in clinical with patients, etc.)?

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