West Coast University August 2017

  1. Is anyone joining the August 2017 cohort ? I have my financial advisement meeting this Saturday, and I hope I get good news as far as funding this school.
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    I wanted to bump this because I had been eyeing a start date at WCU in August as well, want to see what other's are saying.
  4. by   Necejoi89
    I just received my acceptance letter last week. I am waiting on my cosigner to fill out their portion of the loan. I know it is a lot of money to fork out, but education is an investment. What campus are you looking at Avalanche?
  5. by   Chw92kr
    Hello, I got accepted in BSN for the fall 2017. Im going to be attending at OR campus! Since I already took pretty much all of the prerequistes classe from a community college, i was able to transfer i think 11 classes. Im taking 2 more remaining classes at a communitiy college so that I have all of them transferred to WCU. my proposed graduation date is August 2019! I got a financial aid meeting last week and it turns oht that im getting pell grant and other grant(i dont remember exactly) so total of 6900. And my remaining balance is 20000 this year. I was mad that i didnt get cal grant. If I did i only had to pay 10000 this year. I totally forgot about cal grant and missed the deadline. Anyways, i calcuated the total cost of program. It will be approximately 42000 which isnt too bad.
  6. by   staysha92
    Hi i have applied to 3 ADN programs down here in San Diego, CA and if I dont get in I'm planning on going to WCU in the Winter Jan. I have credits elsewhere and am hoping to get the tuition cut down. I really don't want to make that commute or move but hey anything to get my degree I'm a CNA now and have put school off for too long now. I'm hoping to use my spouse GI bill so i dont stress about the tution but if I could take loans out I'd rather only use half of it!