Wanted; Cpne 'study Buddie' -oakland,berkeley,ca-bay Area

  1. HI,
    I've been an LVN for many years and am doing the LVN to RN program with Excelsior and plan on taking the CPNE next Spring in Racine,Wisconsin--[I think, unless there is a closer and better testing site]. I would very much like a 'study buddie' to 'get through this' with.
    I live in Oakland,Ca.,but anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area will do!!.. I took the CPNE 1 1/2 years ago @ Long Beach and it was horrible...the worse experience I've ever encountered..[they've since closed it down, as there were hundred of complaints]..I've decided to 'try it one more time. What I want is a female study partner,so that we can go to Tina's 4 day workshop in San Jose together, sign up for the exam @ the same time for Racine, Wisconsin,[or where ever].. and share Hotel expenses....
    Is there ANYONE OUT THERE, that is in 'my situation' [or knows of someone--friend/relative??] that would welcome a CPNE support situation?? Flying across the country for a 3 day exam is going to be very stressful, so if anyone is out there and wants to do this or knows of anyone -- any and all leads would be GREATLY APPRECIATED... thanks, judy
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