1. Is there anyone out there who has graduated from University of Phoenix LPN to BSN programs or done their BSN through them?
    I am in the beginning stages of looking into this program. So far it looks alright, other than the money.
    It is $325/credit unit, each class is 3 units and they take 1 class every 5 weeks. It's about $1000/class. It takes about 31/2 years to finish the program. So we're looking at $40,000 for my BSN. Does anyone know how this compares financially to traditional programs?
    Hoping to get some input here before I make any commitments.
    Again, I am just in the beginnning stages of looking here. The waiting lists in CO for traditional programs are 3+ years!
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  3. by   scottlgarrett
    I attend the same UOP LPN to BSN in Tucson AZ and I feel it is worth the cost. I was looking into the local CC, and found it would take me five years to get my ADN. I work full time and have a family too, so 3 1/2 years for a BSN beats 5 years for an ADN. Also there are many hospitals that will hire a new grad RN and pay down student loans or pay them off with a work commitment contract (VA Hospitals). I know a few nurses here who have graduated and have olny heard good things. The other thing is the classes are fast pased at only 5 weeks each, so you dont have time to get bored or discouraged. The other nice thing is if you do not have the prereqs for your local CC it takes even longer. LPN to BSN is almost a no wait admission, go for it.
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  4. by   erniebobernie
    It's looking better and better!!

    I'm curious what the percentage is of students who pass the NCLEX the first time from UOP, LPN -BSN programs?

    My family (of 6) and I just moved from Northern CA in June. I have been working on my prereqs for the ADN program for a long time, all I needed was micro to get in to the ADN program, were I got my LVN. They also had just received a huge grant from the state and were opening up more ADN programs when my husband accepted a position in CO.

    I had no idea there was a 3+ year waiting list for most nursing schools here in CO!

    I have been feeling so blue for months at the thought of 'starting over' with my prereqs (because they cannot be older 6 years and it was 10 years at the cc in CA) and I can't start taking any prereqs locally with out spending an arm and a leg. I have to live here for one year before I am considered a CO resident.

    So when I found out about the UOP LPN-BSN program I was thrilled!!

    I am a bit concerned about time management with the 5 week courses, as I have 4 kids and my hubbie at home. I only work 16 hours/week and don't plan on working much more than that. I can't imagine taking micro in 5 weeks.

    I am hoping others will share their info with me as well. Thanks scottlgarrett for responding. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   scottlgarrett
    The classes are easy, and I dont even think they offer microbiology, these classes are geared towards adult learners. Don't cut yourself so short, go in talk to them and have your credits evaluated, and then see where you stand. One of the best things about UOP is that the professors and faculty do not treat you like an idiot or a highschool kid. This really is for grown ups. As far as time management; I work 2 jobs 60 hours per week + a family life and I find time to do my home work, which is mostly 4-5 page papers at the moment. The math was a bit tougher because I am not very math inclined. If you really want it then you will do just fine, dont worry too much about transfer credits UOP will probably find a way to include much of what you already have.

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  6. by   erniebobernie
    I dropped off my unoffical transcrips yesterday and will find out more in the next couple of days. Apparently mirobiology is not needed. ??

    I'm looking forward to speaking to someone in the nursing department soon. This looks like it is going to work out well. If you can do it with a family and two jobs than I can too
  7. by   scottlgarrett
    I am glad to see that you droped off your stuff with UOP. I really hope that all goes well and that you start soon. I am planning on moving back to Colorado or possibly Wyoming after I graduate so I can work in Denver, only about 24 more months or so.
  8. by   StocktonNurse
    Is the LPN to BSN from UOP recognized in CAli? Don't mean to hijack.
  9. by   91C_ARMYLPN
    Hello to everbody! I found your post interesting, because I am also planning to pursue my RN. I am not familiar with the LPN TO BSN through the UOP. However, The College Network has a LVN TO BSN ONLINE PROGRAM (****For California), has just been approved by the California RN Board of Nursing. This program is NLN accredited, about 50% of the courses are taken online, you can start at anytime, once you have met all of the requirements, then you take your clinicals at approved medical facilities, and finally take your RN-NCLEX for the license.

    I have an appointment on Feb. 15, 2007 with a College Network Counselor to discuss costs, available financial aid, etc. (This course was just recently approved in January 2007!) Here is The College Network Phone Number 1-800-395-1014. I spoke to a nice lady by the name of Paula Hill, from The
    College Network, her direct phone number is 1-800-378-8515, ext.4772, and her e-mail is: phill@college-net.com. Please send a private message, in which I can send a link by e-mail, for those LVN's who are interested. Hope this helps out. Finally, there is another alternative in obtaining your RN in
    California. :hatparty:
  10. by   erniebobernie
    i just found out that uop has a lpn to bsn program in:
    • sacramento, ca
    • denver, co
    • tuscon, az
    • phoenix, az
    • and beginning a program in oklahoma!

    uop bsn degree is transferrable to any state!

    once you pass your nclex and receive your bsn degree you can apply for state licensure in any state you are moving to. you just go to the state web site and click on the link to do so.:typing

    ca state board approved nursing schools:

    i met with a councelor twice and it looks like all my credit units transferred from my community college in oroville, ca. i just need 3 more units of humanities (will attempt to test out with the clep test) and to take the gen 300, which is an intro to uop, study skills, learning styles etc.. type of course. the program begins in june and is a 1 1/2 year program.

    i need a & p, pharmacology and human growth (co nursing prereqs) which are included in the program!! how awesome is that!?! they have to be taken within 3 years to qualify to transfer. i just took pharmacology in the lpn program in 04, so i don't need that one. but, it has been way too long for a&p, so i'll take that and human growth in the program.

    i am so totally psyched!!

    i sent an email to the chair of the nursing dept here in co. i will post contact info for co and ca lpn to bsn programs when i receive them if anyone is interested.:d
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  11. by   erniebobernie
    Does Colorado UOP need additional clinical hours after the program or do we get enough during the program?

    I just saw this on the state board website and was curious??

  12. by   erniebobernie
    Yay! I start UOP on 2/27/07 and the nursing program 6/19/07! Hooray!

    How's everyone doing in their program? Hope all is well!
  13. by   scottlgarrett
    Congrats!!!!!!!! Just so you know you will be graduating before I do. Glad you did'nt give up
  14. by   caliotter3
    I read a lot of negative feedback re UOP nrsg program a long time ago. As far as I remember, it was from threads on this site. About two days ago my local newspaper ran a long article by a national news agency reporter concerning the poor quality status and tactics of UOP in general. I also vaguely remember something else within the past few years in the media about UOP being poor quality. If it were me, I would shy away from them. If I could find the recent article and knew how to post, quote it I would do so on this thread. There are probably better options out there than UOP.