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I have been accepted into the online LPN to RN program at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. If anyone is attending or is going to please share your thoughts and tips with me. I have no idea... Read More

  1. by   samantha.allen58
    I am very interested in any books or uniforms you have!!!
  2. by   tainted1972
    Please think long and hard before committing to this program. Students are dropping like flies from failing this program. You absolutely must be able to read literally hundreds of pages of material, and then be able to answer 40 random questions with no study guide or any direction from professors. This program is hard! There are a couple of decent instructors, but they are not consistent. It is very unfair to be stuck with a professor who does not give a crap about her students success. I am passing and I am confident that I will be able to finish the program. But I will not recommend it to anyone.
    If you are going into the program, expect to get background checks and drug tests twice.. not once. ( at your own expense) also, there will be books that you need to purchase that noone bothers to tell you about until later. Only buy what you need for each semester, because the majority of people in this program .. FAIL. Make sure that you have a good running car and a reliable babysitter for clinical days. There are no make up days. If you get sick, get over it.. be prepared to go to clinical anyway.
  3. by   r2young
    When are the clinicals for the online LPN to rn portion? Are they in evening or can I take them on the weekend? thanks
  4. by   tainted1972
    The clinicals are not on the weekend. The first set of clinicals are during summer term, they are 10 hours during the day once a week. The location depends on where you live and where they decide to put you. You really do not have a choice. The drive to clinicals can be up to two hours. You may not know when and where your clinical assignment is until the week before they begin. Rio is very SLOWWWWWW. The school will not work with you very much when it comes to clinical. However, if you have a great clinical instructor you may be able to have a little bit of say so when you begin med surg clinical. Med surg clinical begins in the fall and is typically 12 hours every other week. (you may have the option to go 6 hours once a week depending on what everyone's needs are) again I must stress that it depends on the instructor.
  5. by   tainted1972
    We are in the midst of finals week at RIO. Unfortunately there are going to be students who fail and will be out of the program until next year ( if they can get back in). This has been the worst semester so far. I heard a student say yesterday that this program is like the game survivor.. and it really is. I am going into the final with a passing grade so I am fairly confident I will come out with my head above the water. Only 2 semesters left!! I cannot wait for this to be over.
  6. by   r2young
    But what times are clinicals--Like noon to 6pm.........6pm til midnight........6 am til noon.......??????
  7. by   tainted1972
    I am sorry that I did not clarify that. They are done during the day shift depending on the location you go to. For example my clinical hours in the summer were 7am until 5pm
    this fall they were mostly 630 am until 130pm or 630pm depending on weather or not i was doing 6 or 12. some students came in at 1230 til 630 pm. Next semester my clinical days will be from 630 am until 630 pm every other week. Other sites have had their hours from 9am until 9pm. I know it seems confusing and should me more straight forward.. but welcome to RIO.. everything is confusing, and the rules change hourly.

    There are many variables that you must take in consideration. My clincal times were changed last minute by instructors and for other reasons.

    Instructor got sick, had to cancel clinical. We had to make it up on another day chosen by the entire group. ( RIO does not have substitute instructors)
    Rio scheduled HESI exam during clinical time so it had to be made up.
  8. by   nursejackie2010
    I see the post about Rio Grande online program, and it seems as if you have to be confident and determined to succeed to make it. My question is why would you not recommend it to anyone I seen that post from tainted1972. Just wanted some feed back. I plan on starting in Aug 2012.
  9. by   greybird2011
    I have every book that you would need for Rio Grande Online LPN to RN program. I will give them up for cheap!!! Please let me know if you are interested. Text 513-464-6719 or I have done the program and want to get rid of my books.
  10. by   greybird2011
    I have all of the books if you are interested. Wanting to sell them to someone who can use them for this year. Will offer a very cheap price.
    Call or text 513-464-6719

  11. by   sillylilly05
    Hi Tainted! I want to apply to their LPN to RN online classes.. Did you have to take the hesi? and was it hard to get in?
  12. by   BrittanyLPN
    This was posted awhile ago so I was wondering if anyone attended this program. I'm thinking about the LPN to Rn online program but I haven't heard a lot of good things about it. Me and my friend was thinking about doing it together because it us such a long drive to clinical (like two hours). Do you know if they work with you for scheduling? Any advice helps. I'm going to call on Monday.
  13. by   tainted1972
    You do not get to choose your site or schedule, as the program progresses some instructors may be more flexible than others but do not count on it. I worked a full time job while doing this program, I had to take off work for clinicals which was not always easy.