Tri County Tech College in Pendleton SC LPN to RN Program

  1. Has anyone been through or in the Tri County Tech College in Pendleton SC LPN to RN program? If so can you please tell me about the program? Is it real hard? What are the hours and days of the clinical and lecture? Are the exams like the Nclex questions? How long is the program?
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    I was wondering the same thing! I want to apply because I heard they do first come first serve! Did you eer find any information out?
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    No not yet but I will keep you posted!!
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    This thread is old, but I will comment for future users to see

    I did TCTCs LPN program, and graduated with a 4.0. The LPN instructors are fantastic and the majority of the students love them. They seem to relate to and care about students. They start at a basic level and build on it. The lectures were usually 2-3 hours depending on what part of the program you're in. You will do multiple clinical sites and in different settings, and clinicals are usually 6-8 hours a day and scheduled around class times. You wont have a long clinical day the same day as class.
    When you get to obstetrics and pediatrics your clinical setting will change and you get away from the medical surgical aspect.
    I loved the LPN program and would recommend it to anyone!

    Then I transitioned into the ADN program. I came in during the second semester, which is said to be the hardest one, and there is no doubt that it would be a struggle without having had the LPN background.

    Once you transition into the ADN program you will be given your clinical/ class schedule at a moments notice and expected to change your work schedule frequently....they can make mandatory Saturday clinicals. You will have 8-9 hour clinical days at the hospital, "specialty units" where you will go on your own and observe and assist such as the emergency room, operating room, catheterization lab, simulation labs which are 2 hours, and clinicals at a psychiatric hospital. Additionally you will have an online patient simulator, and online board preparation. Lecture is usually 3 hours long, and you will have multiple instructors. It is advised that students don't work or only work minimally during the ADN program. Several students will fail each semester.
    The workload is not over the top heavy, but is significantly more than the LPN program was.

    If you choose transition you will do 3 semesters in LPN, and then 3 semesters in RN, your final semester of RN will include a preceptorship where you essentially work with another nurse and then eventually you are on your own. I haven't reached this point yet.

    Things to consider-
    TCTC has a high rate of students who pass the NCLEX on the first try. There are multiple hospitals and outpatient settings that you will work with, most teachers are willing to help and answer questions and concerns. You will never be forced to do something you are very uncomfortable doing, and your teacher or a floor nurse can help you if you are in a bind.
    - before starting ADN, I personally would advise you to work PRN or minimal hours...some students try to work 3rd shift and then come to class at 8 AM....don't do this, this makes your life extremely hard and you will catch heat from the teachers
    - read the chapters or study the powerpoints before class
    - prepare to change your work schedule
    -read the book, read the powerpoints, read the hand outs...test questions come from all sources.
    - no matter how scary it is or unsure you are, take the opportunity when it is given to start an IV or do a procedure, they can be few and far between

    There are a couple of other programs in the area, but there will be complaints about all of them. Nursing is not an easy job and the education behind it certainly isn't easy.
    Keep this in mind when determining which tract you will go.

    Best of luck!!!