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I am in my first semester for an LPN-RN program. I never thought school could be so tough! Even though I study a ton more than I did for my LPN, I'm barely hanging on by my fingernails. Does... Read More

  1. by   yogaluvr
    I am in my first transition semester as well and it has been extremely hard. In LPN classes I was number one in the class and graduated with a 3.9. I know my nursing information but these tests this semester are just tough. I know that I am a good nurse but sometimes after tests I doubt myself. I have just been trying to study NCLEX questions as much as possible. I think that having past work experience as an LPN has been a bit of a hinder in the transition. I have seen that things aren't always how NCLEX wants you to answer. I have also had a few times in answering questions that I am thinking too much into the question. My teacher told me that was because I have seen things in the real world and I just need to not think so much. I think we can all get through it though.
  2. by   dlxrn
    I have been where u are. I was a single mom, held two jobs (as an LPN)...and went to was HELL!. I can say as the time went on, school got easier. It just depends on what type of LPN experiences you had that you can apply to school. But just know, there is a HUGE light at the end of the tunnel. I had realized that where I worked the RN's were making more money than me and doing the same job-minus the IVP's....anyway-you can get thru this and realize one will have RN behind you name.