New LPN to RN Applicants MS

  1. Is there anyone applying to Hinds in Jackson or Holmes?
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  3. by   1hotnurse08
    I applied to Hinds last year and I didn't get in there bridge program. I called this past December. I was told my application was complete and that it would be updated. I've never asked the admissions processor but everyone says that they have a long waiting list and some people have waited up to 2 years.
  4. by   JSNURSE
    I thought they used the points system now, and it's mostly based on your ACT score. I've talked to ppl who got in there first try do to their scores... I've been talking to the director and she said we should find out in a week or 2... Did you apply to the bridge program?
  5. by   1hotnurse08
    Yes, I applied for their bridge program and when I spoke with the admissions processor she said that I should here something in Feb. I thought that would be too soon but I guess they will be informing people of their rejection or acceptance status. I never heard from the school last year. Do you know what the passing grade is for Hinds or Holmes b/c the prior ADN program I was in was a 75?
  6. by   JSNURSE
    I'm not sure of the passing grade for the program. My LPN program was 80. Which program were you in? One of my Friends received her letter yesterday she was accepted! I haven't received mine yet, maybe Monday....
  7. by   1hotnurse08
    My previous ADN program was at Mississippi Delta Community College. It's located in Moorhead,MS. We had to have a 75 to pass. Hopefully you will receive an acceptance letter since your friend has already received a letter!!
  8. by   1hotnurse08
    @JSNURSE I received a letter from Hinds admissions department on the 8th I guess the letters were mailed out on the 7th. Did you receive anything yet?
  9. by   JSNURSE
    Sorry I've been so busy since I received my letter! I was accepted! Orientation was the 22nd(yesterday). There was total of 46 applicants there, and everyone was accepted even the alternates. They said there's 9 more seats available since some people didn't show. I guess they will call in the other 9 before class starts. Did you get in?