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Ok. Because the waiting list is so long to get into a nursing program at a community college. I was thinking about going to a career college, getting my LVN then doing a LVN to RN bridge... Read More

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    I went to West Coast Ultrasound Institute, it began as a school for ultrasound and MRI but it has expanded to an LVN program and more. It's a good school, accredited and all of that. I was worried about that too, but as long as you do the research you'll be fine. You can check the credibility of any good school at The school will cost you more than a cc, but most of the bridge programs do. This school has great teachers, all RNs, NPs, and even a few doctors. You should check it out, they have a few locations. And no i haven't gotten a job yet, I just received my license so I'm starting the hunt for one now. Good Luck!
    Wow, which location did you go to?
    I'm asking because I'm also looking to start school this year for LVN, and I just went to check out WCUI today in Beverly Hills. I got a great vibe from that school.