LVN to RN program from different state

  1. Hello,
    I am an LVN from California planning to take my LVN to RN from different state. As I️ have heard it's easy to get an admission in Texas and etc.
    So how the license for RN is recognized in California.
    pls help
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  3. by   Hapham1004

    So I had the same question as you and received many different answers. First off, are you planning on coming back to CA after you've taken the courses and NCLEX? Your question is a reciprocity question. What you can do to get the correct answer would be to call the board that you will want your license to be active in. Originally i was going to attend a school in Florida and wanted to make sure my license would work in CA. My suggestion to you is that it doesn't matter where you take your courses or exam. Do you remember when you did your NCLEXPN in pearsonVUE and it had you select the state in which you want your license to be in? That is the most important thing. I know that the reciprocity for CA is different from every other state.

    Basically it is up to you on where you want to be when you're doing your schooling. Just as long as your choice of licensing state is for CA if you're worried. It is a lot easier to hold a CA state license then having to switch your license over.

    Hope this helps. I called a few different Boards in different states when I was searching for this answer. lol. And what sucks is that none of the schools really knew the answers either.

    good luck!
  4. by   Nursingismypassion1
    Was wondering if you would be able to help me. You seem to have a lot of info =) My question is Does the non- degree RN program ( the one that states you can only work in CA) stay with you? Like Say I use that route to get to RN without a degree... Then go to a RN to BSN program and graduate. Being that I further my education and got a higher degree... would that allow me to work out of California?
  5. by   Kiran_KIRAN
    Thank you for your reply. It helped me and made it easy to plan better.
    Yes I am planning to come back to CA